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Library and Information Technology
Course Description
COMM-1124   Communications 1  

Library technicians are expected to communicate their services to the public, which often involves creating written documents, such as pathfinders, bibliographies, book reviews, and readers’ advisory lists. It is also necessary for library technicians to be able to think critically when determining which services and materials to provide to the public; thus, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively in writing is essential to providing strong service in the library.

This course is designed for students to develop foundational writing skills necessary for working in a library setting. The writing process will begin with pre-writing skills, reading, writing, editing and revising. Students will explore grammar, mechanics, a variety of writing types and documentation. Students will begin with paragraph writing for short papers. They will examine, practice and work on different essay types, critique articles, research topics and apply proper documentation using MLA and APA style.

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2019 Winter Term - Distance Education
COMM-1124 Communications 1
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