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Introduction to Business Information Technology
Courses and Descriptions
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Year 1
Term 1 Course Name Credit Hours
  ACCT-1065 Financial Accounting for IT 4
  BUSA-1073 Foundations for Success 3
  COMP-1029 Introduction to Programming Logic 4
  COMP-1975 Business Computing 4
  MATH-1105 Math for Intro to BIT 4

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ACCT-1065 Financial Accounting for IT
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This course will introduce students to the core concepts of financial accounting and the relevance of financial accounting to decision-making in any business. It will cover the foundation concepts of debits and credits, and the accounting cycle.  We will discuss in more detail specific financial reporting elements such as cash, accounts receivable, inventory, long-term assets, liabilities and shareholders’ equity.  Also covered in the course is an introduction to accounting software, financial statement preparation, and financial statement interpretation and analysis.
BUSA-1073 Foundations for Success
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This course is intended to serve as a preparatory course for individuals seeking to pursue studies in the Business Information Technology program. Achieving success in this program depends on many factors such as self-discipline, motivation, ability, awareness, and support systems. This course invites students to reflect upon their growth and to develop skills which foster success both in a college environment and beyond. It focuses on empowering students to develop a stronger sense of self and an improved work ethic. Topics include self-discovery and learning style assessments, methods of learning and studying, time management, goal setting, critical reasoning and thinking, problem solving, communication, teamwork, stress management, health awareness, career planning, and diversity in the workplace.

COMP-1029 Introduction to Programming Logic  
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This course is intended to serve as an introduction to programming concepts. Students will be introduced to high-level modeling and common numeral systems used by computer programmers. Boolean operations will be explored with importance placed on the student’s ability to analyze, interpret and re-write word problems as Boolean expressions. Students will explore other core concepts such as assignment, sequence, iteration, decision, modular abstraction, arrays, and strings.
COMP-1975 Business Computing  
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Business Computing is a hands-on course in which students develop skills in the use of current Microsoft productivity software. Topics include introductory and intermediate skills in Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as the integration of these applications.

MATH-1105 Math for Intro to BIT
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Financial mathematics and a basic understanding of statistics are fundamental in the study of business. This course is designed to familiarize students with basic mathematics concepts such as order of operations, basic algebraic expressions, exchange rates, indices, simple and compound interest, types of annuities, mortgages, and support for business investment decisions.
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